Testing of the anti-slip properties of floor coverings, certifications according to:

DIN 51130, R-classes and V-classes
DIN 51097, A-B-C- classes
DIN 51131, dynamic coefficient of friction
DIN EN 13845, dynamic coefficiant of friction for resilient PVC floor coverings
DIN EN 16165 (still at the draft stage)

SRT measurements with the english pendulum
e.g. EN 13036-4:2003 (D), TP Griff-.StB (SRT), FGSV407, Combined grip and roughness measurements, DIN EN 1341

and other, according to national and international standards and requirements

Consulting services

We can advise you in the development of your slip-resistant materials and surfaces and on the selection of the right test method,
if you lose or want to optimize the anti-slip properties, the requirements/regulations that your flooring product has to meet, planning, etc., please contact us.

Court opinion

Do you need an expert to assess a floor covering after a trip, slip or fall accident? We can help.

Suitability tests for floor coverings

Standardized dirt tests to check the cleaning properties in relation to the requirements of later use. Based on the expected pollutions in use, we can check if your flooring material meets your needs.


on the subject of slip resistance / tread safety, test procedures, regulations and applied standards, training of sales personnel, users, etc.